To enrich your stay and facilitate your arrival, Casa das Senhoras Rainhas provide a service of transfers and sightseeing tours.

Queen D. Maria I suggests:


D. Maria I suggests a visit through the west coast of Portugal. Starting with our Lagoon of Obidos, with its unique fauna and flora characteristics, pass through Foz do Arelho beach, at the other end of the lagoon. Do not miss the opportunity to know São Martinho do Porto, the only sheel shaped natural bay of the country, and of course, Nazaré deserves a reference, starting with its giant waves, incredible viewpoints, the seven skirts of its women typical costume, or even because of the beauty of Our Lady Of Nazareth Chapel. Also visit the beaches of Peniche or sail to Berlenga´s Island.

Queen D. Leonor de Lencastre suggests:


Queen D. Leonor de Lencastre suggests a visit to Caldas da Rainha, that owns the title of Creative City for Handicraft and Popular Arts by Unesco. Founder of its Thermal Hospital, whose waters healed her from illness, this city offers a more cosmopolitan environment and a very typical and of quality local commerce. Shop at “Praça da Fruta” and enjoy its building facades and its beautiful tiles. Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro made most of its work here in this city, so please take a typical “Bordalo Pinheiro” piece home and sweeten your mouth with delicious typical “cavacas”, “beijinhos” and “trouxas de ovos”.

Queem D. Beatriz de Gusmão suggests:


Queen D. Beatriz de Gusmão suggests a visit to the city of Alcobaça. Famous for its apple (Maçã de Alcobaça), you will find many handicraft shops were you can by “Chita” products to take home and pastry shops to sweeten your tooth with its famous and various conventual sweets. Also visit the “Parque do Amor”, the Cós Monastery or even the Wine Museum, but its main attraction is the “Mosteiro de Alcobaça”, World Heritage Patrimony by Unesco since 1989, were D. Beatriz is buried and also D. Urraca de Castela. Pay a visit to the tomb stones of D. Pedro and D. Inês de Castro, known by its tragic love story.

Queen D. Filipa de Lencastre suggests:


Queen D. Filipa de Lencastre suggests a visit to the small town of Batalha. Matriarch of the “Inclita Geração” (Generation of her children that were one of the firsts to get the best European education), this queen rests in the “Founder´s Chapel”, in the “Batalha” Monastery, World Heritage Patrimony since 1983, one of the biggest references to the Gothic in Portugal, as an appreciation to the victory in “Batalha de Aljubarrota”.

Suggestion of Activities in Obidos and nearby areas:


In Obidos, Creative Town since 2015 by Unesco, try the “Ginjinha”, famous typical liqueur and one of its main attractions. Visit the main interest points, such as Saint Peter´s Church, Saint Mary´s Square and Church, “Misericórdia” Church, the “Padrão Camoneano” (monument to Camões, for mentioning Obidos in its best work “Lusiadas”) or even the medieval ball game. Get to know its handcraft such as “Verguinha” and take a piece as a souvenir. The events that happen here every year, such as the Medieval Market, the Chocolate Festival, The Obidos “Vila Natal”, “Fólio” and “SIPO”, are sure to make you very happy and entertained.



Tile Painting Workshop – Practice a little bit of tile painting and take yours home.

Escape Tower  – Come and enjoy a strategy game and exit the Tower on time!
“Charretes do Oeste” – Visit the inside of the walls in a beautiful and comfortable horse carriage.
Go Obidos Tours -  Talk to us and we will take care of your request.
We also have a taxi and transfer service!


For sport activities we suggest:


Pedestrian Walks in Obidos – “ Passa Montanhas” has very good suggestions for you.
Bike Rental at “Espaço O” (electrical or pedal) – If you enjoy biking, its possible to rent them in this space.
Stand Up Paddle  – Have an adventure at our Obidos Lagoon in Stand Up Paddle!
Kiteboarding – For an option with more adrenaline, Kite Control Portugal as quite a few proposals.
On_da_Wave / “Canhão da Nazaré” – Visit the famous “Canhão da Nazaré” with On_da Wave and profit from 8% discount as our Guest! You may also observe the dolphins, do some jetskying, among other activities.
Viamar- Sail the Atlantic Ocean heading to “Berlenga Island” and swim in high sea with an unique and refreshing sensation!


Themed Locations (20 minutes driving distance):


“Quinta do Sanguinhal” – Get to know and taste these amazing local wines!
“Bacalhôa Buddha Éden” – Visit the biggest Oriental Garden in Europe and have an amazing and memorable day!
“Dino Parque da Lourinhã” – Have fun with your children and teach them a little bit more about pre historic ages and dinosaurs.
“Parque dos Monges”  – Turn back in time and have a cheerful and fun day!